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Someone asked me about where to buy Mukt software. These days most people get their software from internet. Android phone users will probably have used playstore, similarly there is Microsoft Software download center. Apart from these “official” stores, there are countless other stores from where you get your software. For Mukt software, biggest repository is   There are a huge list of software for almost every category. Let me share a few that are available for both Windows & Linux Computers and  I have found them useful. To see source of the software, click on the link.

Graphics & Multimedia: These are tools to edit and play multimedia files

  • GIMP is a Adobe Photoshop replacement. It allows you to do some heavy-weight editing of pictures.
  • Inkscape is for creating vector graphics, useful for logos, diagrams etc.
  • Blender is used for 3D model creation.
  • Scribus is for Desk-top publishing. I find it useful for making brochures, posters, invitation cards etc.
  • Audacity is to record and edit audio files
  • Musescore is to write music notation and play them on midi device
  • Istanbul is to record a desktop session. Unfortunately this work on only Linux. For windows users there is CamStudio.
  • LightWorks is for movie editing.

Office Application: Typically these are Word processor, Spread-sheet type softwares

  • Open Office :  This is like Microsoft Office suit.  Supported by Apache
  • Libre Office: Very much the same like Open Office. Essentially these two have branched off from same software. Currently it is hard to tell the difference.
  • GnuCash is for accounting. It is good for mainstream account keeping.
  • Money Manager Ex is another good application. It is simple but good for tracking personal finances
  • RedNoteBook is for keeping a diary
  • Mozilla Thunderbird is good for mail, calendar and task tracking

Creative Writing & Publishing

  • Bibisco is an excellent tool for planning your novel
  • Tex/Latex is a big group by itself for layout, formatting etc. There are some good Latex editors that make the task of writing on latex even easier. Ones I find useful are TeXstudio, TexWorks, LyX
  • Mendeley is an excellent tool for reference management. It has both mobile and desktop version, that helps me to keep my references handy and synchronized

Education (K-12)

There is a full OS specifically targeted for school kids in Ubuntu. It is called Edubuntu. Those who can give a separate computer to kids may explore the suit. Here I list some of the software that are also available in Windows.

  • GCompris is for small kids of 2-10 yrs, targeted for basic learning in the fun way. It has number of games that teach kids while playing
  • Celestica is a planetarium on desktop
  • GBrainy is for IQ test type of puzzles
  • Kalzium is for periodic table. It also offers molecule visualization and echemical equation solver
  • Klavaro is a touch typing tutor
  • Turtle is to teach computer programming


  • FreeCAD is to make 3D solid modelling for engineering drawing.
  • LibreCAD is good for 2D drawing
  • SweetHome 3D is for making lay out for buildings. It has a good library of common household objects. By placing the furniture one can get a realistic feel of the room.
  • Freemat is for mathematical analysis. It is a drop-in replacement of Matlab software
  • GnuPlot is for plotting graphs
  • R is a language with huge collection of software libary. It is aimed at complex mathematical analysis


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